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Digital Marketing Internship Program in Jaipur

Looking to apply for a digital marketing internship program?

Advertise Empire is delivering you with an opportunity to learn and work with us on live projects for six months. The program constitutes: 

Deep knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 •SEM ( Search Engine Marketing / PPC )

 •SMO ( Social Media Optimization )

 •Content/Blog Writing and Marketing

 •Website Development ( WordPress)

 And other aspects of Digital Marketing.

A person can gain expertise while doing job practices and tasks. However, you can stretch the learning curve upwards of your personality and skills if you acquire knowledge under experts’ guidance. Also, Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field, so you have to be updated all the time and need to be comfortable working with the latest changes. And that is what you learn in an internship. Some of the great benefits of a Digital Marketing Internship are:

1) Insight of Each Vertex of Digital Marketing.

2) Social skills.

3) Practical Knowledge.

4) Self-Confidence in your career.

5) A Weighted Digital Marketing Resume.

6) Timing Discipline.

7) Work Compliance.

8) Communication skills.

This Internship program will help the intern to comprehend the basics of digital marketing by specializing in ongoing projects in digital marketing courses.

Gain –

•Job experience.

•Research experience.

•Access to a variety of tasks and



•Create a professional network.

•Build a strong resume.

•Secure good references and recommendations after completing this internship program.

The intern will be certified, eligible to work as a freelancer and will gain the skill set to work as an experienced digital marketer in any digital marketing company.

How to Apply for an Internship Program with Advertise Empire

To apply for an Internship program, the applicant needs to have preceding knowledge of digital marketing basics or should have conducted the digital marketing training program with Advertise Empire. After completing the internship program, the intern will be qualified to work with Advertise Empire as a permanent team member.

If you have completed the digital marketing course with Advertise Empire. Certainly, you are very much welcome to apply for an internship program by clicking on the apply button given below.

Can an external Student apply for an internship program with Advertise Empire?

Yes, an external student is eligible to apply for an internship program with us. They are required to clear an exam to become an intern at Advertise Empire.

Is there any fee for the Online Marketing Internship Program?

No, there is no fee to be an Intern of Advertise Empire, The intern will get paid according to the credentials.

The benefits of being an Intern of Advertise Empire


An opportunity to start your career with upgraded marketing tools and techniques. The intern will get several opportunities for a successful client-engagement.

Firstly, the intern will get a chance by working on live projects to scale up academic strengths and marketing skills.

Further, the intern will get a brief knowledge of advanced and custom marketing tools and techniques.

Moreover, the intern will get a deep understanding and practical knowledge of digital marketing concepts, strategies and fundamentals.

And, the intern will get comprehensive insights into the regularly upgraded digital marketing practices. The intern will get wide exposure to the vast field of Digital Marketing.

Apply now for the internship and gain a lifetime of work experience with Advertise Empire.

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