What is a Lead?

What is a Lead?

First of all, I would like to welcome you to read this article on leads, This article is going to be written with the intention of providing complete knowledge on what does a lead means. For a better understanding, we are going to give certain kinds of examples as well so the reader can relate to them and it can be easier for them to understand, after reading this article you will get to know what a lead is, the various contexts of a lead, what a lead is in SALESFORCE and in CRM.
So if you want to know about these and would love to gain your knowledge when it
comes to the market of leads. read this article.

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What is a LEAD?

What a lead is? This is the first question that comes to our mind when we think about lead generation, well that is the right and first step
to know before diving into the process of lead generation or to put it another way we can say before knowing what is a lead, how can we jump into
the process of generating it.

When we say it In simple words, A lead can be an organization or an individual person with an interest in buying or taking your product or services. Let’s understand this with an Example
Mr. A is a Legal Advisor ( a person who provides legal advice) and Mr b needs some advice and thinking to hire him for the same, so in this situation
Mr. B is a potential client for Mr. A, which means there are some possibilities that Mr. B can be his client, it depends on the first conversation or on various
factors but we can call Mr. B A LEAD for Mr. A.

here the question is how will Mr. A know that Mr. B is his lead or an interested Client?

The interest can be shown by sharing contact information like a phone number or an email address or a Facebook, Instagram profile. which means
Mr. A needs to have an online platform on which Mr b can go and leave his information so Mr. A can approach him and in this scenario, we can call Mr. A, A marketer( who is
doing marketing for his services using a marketing tool )and Mr. B is the result of the marketing, which is a Lead ( who is looking for his services ).

Now I hope that should be clear to you, what a lead is.

let’s look, at what is it in different contexts.

Leads in Sales

In a sales context, a lead means a customer or a prospect, who is interested in buying your product or services, or in simple words a lead can be turned
into sales more easily because they are already interested in what you are offering. Can you remember if you have heard a word called sales lead?

let’s figure out what that is.

A sales lead is a person or a business that can be converted and become a client. In many companies’ sales, leads are also referred to as the data of potential buyers of a service or a product.

Leads in Business

A business lead is the same as a sales lead, which is being used in filling the sales funnel of a business, The growth of a business depends on the
quality of the product or the services that they are offering which basically improves the base of the clients they have. but they need someone to try
them for the first time so they can show how good they are and for that it becomes very important for them to promote their business and generate leads.

Leads in Sales Force

A Lead In salesforce is referred to a default object that has been created when you receive the new contact information of a potential client
of a service/product in your database. leads can be purchased from the market or they can be generated using the different techniques and tools of marketing
available in the market.

Service Qualified Lead

A service qualified lead is the contact information of a client who is ready for a conversation related to a service that you are offering, These kinds of leads are
easy to convert into active clients as they are already in need of the kind of services you are offering.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

MQL Or A marketing qualified lead is the contact information of a client that has been reviewed by the marketing team and that has the potential to be passed to the sales
department so that they can convert it into an active client.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

PQL Or A product qualified lead is the contact information of a business or a person who has already tasted the taste of your product by taking a free trial, These leads
are very much possible to be converted into a regular or an active client if you are offering a good quality of the product.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

SQL Or A sales qualified lead is the contact information of a potential client who has been moved from a marketing-qualified (MQL) to sales qualified. which means this
lead has been transferred from the marketing team to the sales team to convert it into an active client.

Leads in CRM

LICRM – Have you ever used any CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) software? In this software, there is a term with the name of the lead, which basically means the information
of a client who has not been converted yet into an active client but yes, there are some future possibilities for sure that they can be converted and become an active client.

Inbound Leads

An inbound lead is the contact information of a potential client that you have received coming from your marketing portal, for example, you are doing marketing of your business
website and a client or a customer comes on your website and fills up the form and requests you to contact him regarding the services or the products, and you have
received his information, then that is called an inbound lead, which has the potential of becoming an active customer.

Leads in Marketing

A lead is a famous term being used in marketing because sometimes it is referred to as the result of marketing, which basically means the contact information
of a person or of an organization who has shown interest in your services or products.

Leads Management

Lead management is the process of managing and following up with the data of potential clients and converting them into active clients. This process plays a
very important role when it comes to the growth of a business.

Leads in Digital Marketing

LIDM OR Leads in Digital Marketing – Have you ever heard about digital marketing? yes that is right, that is related to the promotion of an online portal, which can be a website or a page or a post or
a video or a social media profile, blog or anything. and a lead in digital marketing is referred to as the result of the promotion, which has been converted into
the contact information of a visitor on your platform using the different tools like CTA( CALL TO ACTION ) or a contact information form.


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you can promote your services and generate the leads of potential clients.

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Warm lead

WARM LEADS– These are the contact information of the potential clients who basically want to know more about your services and products. These leads are referred to as the
important leads as they have the potential to convert instantly.

After reading this article you are well known about a lead, for a better understanding, we have also provided the examples here.

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  • LIS– Leads in Sales
  • LIB– Leads in business
  • LISF– Leads in Salesforce
  • Service Qualified Lead
  • Marketing Qualified (MQL)
  • Product Qualified (PQL)
  • Sales Qualified (SQL)
  • Leads in CRM
  • Inbound Leads
  • Lead in Marketing
  • Leads Management
  • Leads in Digital Marketing
  • Leadpages
  • Warm Leads

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