What is lead Generation

Introduction Of Lead Generation

If you are a beginner and searching this term Lead or Lead generation Congratulations!! you are at the right place in this article you will find what is the actual meaning of lead or lead generation with real-life examples so you can be related to it and understand it easily. At the end of the article, you will learn an introduction to lead generation how you can help your business to generate a targeted audience and hook your visitors and convert them into hot leads.

And hot leads are the ones that will buy your product and services which can give your business maximum growth and success. Also, you will find what are the types of leads To help marketers visualize and influence the customer’s journey, We will introduce you to the lead generation funnel.

In a simple language if we define the leads It is information collected by any source from the website it can be a phone number, name, email, or other information which is interested in a particular business or service. It is a person who is interested in your product or services.

However, every person who visits your business website is not lead every customer have their own preferences, Most of the customer just visit the website and close it these type of customers are called visitors, in these visitors now it all depends on your strategies how you can hook anyone on your landing page and convert a visitor into a Lead.

Lead generation is something which is the most important part of any business whether it is a small or big organization, most of the time businesses struggle to achieve their goal to generate good quality of the lead.

Lead Generation helps to achieve the Growth and success of a Company, It is the first step in the sales process(services or business). There are some steps through which we can attract our targeted audience It involved Attracting, Nurturing, and convincing potential customers to buy your services or product.

Some Methods of Lead Generation

In order to generate leads, various methods can be used including email marketing and content marketing.

In content marketing, you can use case studies, blog posts, infographics, eBooks, videos, and social media. While in email marketing there are types of emails like Leads nurturing emails, brand story emails and comprise newsletters.

There are some other methods as well which include talking directly to potential leads, contests and giveaways, paid ads, referrals and how can we forget about SEO.

As we all know now with more markets are coming online on digital platforms there is tighter competition, and all these strategies have become more challenging and important for any business, For example, 70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing.

With the help of Lead generation, funnel marketers can visualize and influence the customer’s journey.

1. TOFU – Top of the Funnel

In this, it is all about building awareness. This is the first interaction with potential customers, so the goal is to establish trust and educate.

2. MOFU – Middle of the Funnel

At this stage, the potential customer has understood they have certain problems and they are exploring options, to guide them in a better way you can offer a suitable solution or provide them something valuable to route them to conversion.

3. BOFU – Bottom of the Funnel

When a lead comes to this point, you can consider these types of leads a prospect. Here,
they are considering a purchase. That means you need to focus on the selling part. To make them understand your product you can send them demos, case studies, and pricing comparisons. The goal is to make them certain your service or product is the right choice for them.

To obtain Lead generation we can divide leads into two parts Inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation.

Inbound lead generation

This is a target-based strategy we can use to engage people who came to your website by reading your content. Providing good quality content is the key. The idea is to attract engage and nurture them through the funnel with the end result being a purchase.

Outbound Lead generation

Instead of Customers coming to you, we need to go to them- a precautionary approach. for example- you take the first step by sending out informative emails or you cold call or make a survey with potential customers.

This is just the opposite of Inbound calls.

In order to start with lead generation- Apart from your strategy- Below are four steps to take-

  • Build The trust
  • Define your Aim
  • Pick the right Marketing Channels
  • Create a segregated database.

These are the important points when you are generating a Lead.

Now as we know what is lead generation let’s have a quick view on the lead generation process-:

Lead generation process

So basically, a lead generation process breaks down into four steps:

User > Visitor > Lead > Customer

1. First you need to attract users’ attention and get them to visit your website or landing page.

You can use Facebook ads and engaging or creative posts on social media.

2. After that, You need to convince your website visitor to provide any basic contact details.

You can do this as a lead magnet offering them something valuable content that they can use by filling out a form on your landing page.

3. Once the visitor fills those forms- that has become a lead- now you will need to nurture them with the help of marketing communication until they are convinced to buy your product or service.

For this, you can go through a mix of channels
like- Emails, paid ads, blog posts, and in-app notifications.

4. Now once your lead is convinced enough to buy your product or service, you can guide them to a page where they can easily place an order or contact the sales team.

Even if you’ve closed the sale, the customer’s journey doesn’t end here, you need to make sure you engage your customers and turn them into loyal brand advocates so they can refer more traffic on your website.

Conclusion of this article

In this article, we have covered what is lead generation process of lead generation and some important aspects of lead generation which I am writing below so it can be easily highlighted-:

  • Introduction of Lead Generation
  • Methods of lead generation
  • What are the goals of lead generation.
  • Lead generation Funnel
  • Inbound Lead generation
  • Outbound Lead generation
  • Process of lead generation
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