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Why you should learn Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

Firstly, Digital Marketing is a crucial part of offering anything on the internet platforms. Digital market course in jaipur discover digital marketing industry over various platforms (website, blog, channel, profile, applications) and exhibit the products and services. Adapt the latest trends by understanding what matters to the people we serve on the platform.

Therefore, Advertise Empire learn advance digital marketing training course whether you are a professional, a fresher, a student, or an entrepreneur.

Secondly, Digital marketing training in Jaipur is the advancement of brands to bind with potential customers utilizing the internet and other aspects of digital communication.  That is to say, converting traffic into paying customers. By practicing highly impact digital marketing methods and strategies. In short, we can announce the business to a global audience and benefit the sales and deals depending on the industry’s nature.

Learn Digital Marketing Courses Online

Online learn digital marketing training course and work from anywhere in your comfort zone, while learning online on live projects comprising all the sections, giving the mastery of all tools and multiple access to the classes.

We understand our students can be from various career fields and locations. People from Jaipur and nearby have preferences to choose offline classes and online classes. Moreover, People across the globe have access to courses through online mode.

Making it feasible for everyone to be attainable regularly, and understanding the breadth of training topics, and skills of digital marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur – Digital Marketing Training

From delivering you access for building and promoting skills of internet platforms. Most importantly, we cover all the facets of web marketing from purchasing and setting up a domain to endorsing it and getting traffic from all over the world. Digital marketing course in Jaipur design courses to train everyone. This is easy to learn concept of SEO, SMO, PPC and Online marketing. Looking best and conceptual digital marketing training course at starting position.

However, We understand that our students can be from varied backgrounds having certainly no knowledge of the technical platform. Above all, the design of course is compatible for the very beginner level.

Just like this, all the session includes practical training for each task.  Moreover, Advertise Empire is not only an institute of learning digital marketing but also an on-filed company. That is helping 50+ companies to achieve individual desired results in Digital Marketing.

Procedure of Digital Marketing at Beginning Level

In this course, we support our students to buy a domain, host it and then set up a WordPress website on their own.

Once the website layout is handy, we prepare them to compose fresh content and broadcast it on the site. Further, the website’s health will be surveyed by our team of experts and they make sure that all the students are good to reach for the next session of digital marketing and On-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). During this time, we educate them about the content and technical component of their websites. By teaching the latest tools to improve and upgrade the website health, thus google can index it and make it ready for the off-page SEO section.

Once Google has ranked the website, we move on to the next session which is SMO ( Social Media Optimization ), this session will get the website developed by students, listing it on all the Social Media Platforms and educate them regarding the growth and promotions.

Just like this, all the session includes practical training for each task.  Advertise Empire is not only an institute of learning digital marketing training in jaipur but also an on-filed company, which is helping 50+ companies to achieve individual desired results in Digital Marketing.

This is the reason why it becomes very lenient for our learners to understand marketing tools and techniques by working on On-Field projects, which also gives them the confidence for working as a professional. Once our students are well skilled in using the tools and techniques, we allow them to ace an exam and give proposals to work with us as an employee of the company.

digital marketing modules

Digital Marketing Course Modules

What is Marketing?

Introduction Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Tradition Marketing

How Digital Marketing Works

Platforms of Digital Marketing

What is more important ( Organic Digital Marketing or Paid Digital Marketing )

The era of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing ( For Students, For Professionals, For Entrepreneurs )

Marketing Strategies

Brand Making

Google Indexing

What is WordPress?

The pros and cons of WordPress and other Platforms( Php, Html etc)

What is a domain?

What is Hosting?

Concept of Hosting and Server

Buy the right hosting as per the usages

Selection of a right domain

Best Hosting Service providers

Buy and set up a Domain and Hosting

Cpanel Setup and Overview

WordPress Installation

WordPress Internal and External Theme Setup

Overview of the features of WordPress and its tools and techniques

What is Plugin ( Installation and Activation of a WordPress Plugin )

Choosing the right topic for a blog( Professional or Personal )

Keyword Planning of the topic ( Focus and Family Keywords )

Keyword Research  Techniques

Introduction of Google Keyword Planner Tool

Creating a mind-map of the topic

Content Introduction

Understand font and color

How to Write perfect Content ( Content Creation )

Technical knowledge of the content of the blog

Free and paid Tools for Designing

Write at least 15 blogs on WordPress and publish it

Introduction of Seo

Introduction of SERP ( Search Engine Result Page)

Importance of Seo

Functions of the Search Engine

Classification of the keywords

Advance Search Tactics

Defining of Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Content Optimization

Technical Health Optimization

Google Defined Tags Optimization

Internal linking of the pages

Introduction of Seo Plugins

Introduction of Google Webmasters Tools

Introduction of Local SEO – Local Business Promotion

Setup Google My Business

Understanding of Link-Juice

Optimization of performance tools

Understanding of psychology of users and business

Understanding of On-Page SEO

Complete Guidance of On-page Seo

Content Marketing

Unique ways to write magnetic headlines

Understanding of tracking tools for the performance boost up

Introduction of Google Analytics tools

Explanation of the features of Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics

Introduction of Google Tag Manager

Setup Google Tag manager

Advantages of Google Tag Manager

Affiliate Marketing

Introduction of Affiliate Marketing

How to become an Affiliate Marketer

What are the different ways to do affiliate marketing?

Live work of an Affiliate Marketer

Where to find the best Affiliation Program

Hacks of affiliate Marketing

Best affiliate networks in the world

Google Adsense

Introduction of Google Adsense

How to set up a Google Adsense Account

Policies of Google Adsense Account

How to earn from the website, blog, and Youtube channel traffic

Do’s and Don't in Blogging and Adsense

How to earn as a Freelancer

Introduction of Freelancing

Creation of a Freelancing Profile

Best websites for Freelancers

How to bid for a Project

How to get more reviews

Understanding Policies of Freelancing Platforms

How to choose a Right Category

Advertise Empire offers you an opportunity to be an intern after the course, and then get selected as a Team Member.

Introduction of Email Marketing

Email Marketing tools and techniques

How to write a magnetic Email

Essentials of Email Marketing

Types of  Email Marketing

Email Automation

Policies of Email Marketing

Introduction of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing Tools and Techniques

How to write a magnetic SMS Content

Essentials of SMS Marketing

Types of SMS Marketing

How to Buy Best Software for SMS Marketing

Policies of SMS Marketing

Form Creation

Understanding the Content of the form

Understanding of  Lead Generation Concepts

Understanding of Lead Capturing Tools and Techniques

Do’s and Dont’s

Optimization of Google Play Store and App Store Accounts

Optimization of Play Store and App Store Searches

How to increase the downloads of the applications

Do’s and Dont’s

Bring more Reviews and Feedback on application

Facebook Marketing

Introduction of Facebook Marketing

Importance of Facebook Marketing

How to Create a Page/Store on Facebook

Content Creation of Facebook Page

Introduction of Facebook Ads

Increasing Facebook Likes

Facebook ads creation

What is the difference between Clicks and Impressions?

How to promote anything on Facebook

LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction of Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin Account Creation

How to create a Page on Linkedin

LinkedIn Group

Free and Paid Services of Linkedin

How to start a business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Paid Ads

Twitter Marketing

Introduction of Twitter Marketing

Creating accounts & understanding Twitter Policies

Increasing Followers

Twitter Ads

How to use Twitter

Instagram Marketing

Introduction of Instagram Marketing

How to use Instagram for business?

Content Strategy for Instagram posts

Instagram Page Creation

Content Optimization

How to increase Followers on Instagram

Instagram analytics

YouTube Marketing

Introduction of YouTube Marketing

How to Create a channel on Youtube

Understanding the policies of youtube

Content Optimization of youtube to avoid Copyright

Understanding the management of the youtube channel

Planning of the live video

How to earn from youtube

How to increase Youtube likes and Subscribes

Uploading of a Youtube Video

Pinterest Marketing

Introduction of Pinterest Marketing

How to use Pinterest to grow your business

How to create Infographics

Content Creation for infographics

How to Increase Followers of Pinterest

Understanding the policies of Pinterest

Quora Marketing

Introduction of Quora Marketing

Setting up the Quora Account

How to Generate more sales from Quora

Quora Advertising

Quora Analytics

Introduction of E-Commerce

Top E-Commerce Websites in the worlds

The Policies of E-Commerce Platforms

Requirements of the documents of the E-Commerce Selling Account

E-commerce Account Creation Assistance

How to sell on E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Store Marketing

How to set up an online shop on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy Etc

What are the documents required to sell on Market Places

Essentials for Listing products

How to select products for selling

How to list products

Content Creation for products

Bulk listing tools

How to promote your online E-Commerce Store

Introduction of SEM

Introduction of PPC ( Pay Per Click)

How to select the right keywords

Introductions of Search Engines( Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more )

Introduction of Search Engine Ads ( Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo ADS )

How to create a Search Engine Ad( Display Ads,  Search Ads, Call Only ads and Many More)

How to create a Search Engine Campaign on various Search Engines

Search Engine Campaign complete Optimization

How to target a Specific Place, Audience, or Device on Search engine Ads

How to set a Conversion Tracking Code

Who should learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a skill for all, even if you are a professional, a fresher, a student, or an entrepreneur.

Choose your tomorrow

Become professionally certified in digital marketing course in Jaipur.

Let’s Understand how is it important for everyone.

It’s Important for Everyone

Freshers & Students

Prepare yourself for 7 Different Jobs Profile in one course

Get ready for 10lac + Digital Marketing job profile

Shortest course that covers everything

Learn Affiliate Marketing and sell online without any investment

Start your own Ecommerce Business

Be presentable on Internet

Learn skills to work as a freelancer

Get Hired and work with us

100 % Job Placement

Start a Professional Blog and make it visible for everyone


Be reachable to more and more people

Get more traffic on Online Platform

Get more appointments

➡ Become an In-Demand Professional

Expend your earning by getting more Clients

Become more Innovative

Work as a Freelancer

Become an expert of your own field

Get benefit of upcoming market requirements and earn more

Give yourself a professional way of spreading your presence online


Get more sales and signup every day by getting more visitors online

Launch and expand your business

Shortest and cheapest way of self-marketing

Learn Customer Handeling and win their trust by being auto-available 24*7

Learn Ecommerce Management and sell from anywhere

Attract more Customers

Spend less and get more

Know the right way of marketing

Design your own Marketing strategy 

Imporve your communication with your customers

Tools You’ll Master



New Online Batch Starting From

09thAug 2022

Timings: 8 PM TO 10 PM ( IST ) (3 Days a Week) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Get a 15 Minutes Session to clear your Doubts

Confused about the course and career, So let's meet with a digital marketing trainer, who can help you to get your doubts clear and explain to you the importance of a Digital Marketing Course, Book a free session now

Frequently Asked Question

The batch in general consists of up to 20-25 students. But in some cases, the batch can be consist of a maximum of 30 students.

To register for either a digital marketing offline course or an online course, you can visit the institute, fill out the admission form, and deposit the fee. Or you can deposit the fee through online payment methods and share the confirmation/paid receipt with your complete details on WhatsApp No. +91 8947074747, 8233858205, +1- 501-683-8425

Once admission is confirmed, the seat will be reserved for you in the desired batch.

The best time to join the course is after 12th and while doing your graduation. However, there is no age limit or graduation degree to take the course. This is a skill-based course, you don't require any prior knowledge to learn digital marketing.

For effective learning, the students have to spend at least 2-3 hours daily to practically practice and learn the concepts taught in class.

Yes! You can join the course. Digital marketing is a broad field in which you require no to basic technical and computer knowledge. However, The student must be tech-savvy and know the working of different applications and computer-based software.

We are an on filed Digital Marketing company and an Institute and we have a team of expert teachers who helps their students to learn and work on filed and we offer an opportunity to all of our students to work with us

Job placement means that we not only recommend students to companies hiring digital marketers on different profiles. But also give them the opportunity to work with us by clearing some exams conducted by us, If they have completed the course as per our defined parameters.

We Understand that some situation makes you skip the class but worry not we have covered you. If you are in the offline batch, you can join another batch to learn the topic you have missed. And if you are in an online batch, you will be provided with the backup live recorded video of the class so that you can learn at your own pace.

Both mediums are best in their own ways, That really depends on the student, Some students wants to learn online as they get the missed class recording and their personal environment of learning and some students prefer learning offline due to physical environment

The course duration of an offline or an online digital marketing course is 4 Months.

The best time to join the course is after the 12th and while doing your graduation. However, there is no age limit or graduation degree to take the course. This is a skill-based course, you don’t require any prior knowledge to learn digital marketing.

Yes, English matters in learning digital marketing. Furthermore, one should have basic English knowledge and be able to read, write, and speak. However, if you are looking for a career in digital marketing, it is advised to have good fluency in English.

No, certifications exams are not chargeable. They are included in the course fees.

We believe that the Demo sessions in a regular class are just a waste of time. You cannot judge a trainer's ability within an hour of the session. Whosoever will offer you a demo class will try to influence you only. But Yes, you can ask for a one-to-one 20min interaction at the Zoom meeting. You will be scheduled to interact with the teacher directly, and you can ask questions and clear your doubts regarding the course and teaching approach. If you get satisfied, you can join the current batch. Note - Daily scheduled slots are limited, so ask for the next available time on WhatsApp no. +91 8233858205 or +91 8947074747  kindly send your Name, Profile/Education, Location, along with the message "I want to join DMC online".

Once your batch no. is allotted, you would be added to a private Telegram Group, where you can ask questions and discuss your issues after regular classes. Our trainer and support team is available during working hours to answer your queries. Moreover, regular QnA sessions are part of our classroom training to clear your doubts in face-to-face discussions.

Yes. Advertise Empire is  a full-fledged company working for clients from more than 7 countries. After completion of 4 months program, freshers and undergraduates can apply for 6 months of full-time technical training to gain experience working under the guidance of expert seniors. You get 6 months experience certificate, an opportunity to work on client projects, higher possibilities to get hired quickly. It is suggested only for freshers & undergraduates who have enough time to invest, develop their skills and make a career in digital marketing.

No worries. However, we encourage our students to clear the exams in one go. But due to any reason, if you're not able to clear it, you can take a re-attempt and pass.

We have 3 batches, one in the morning from 7-9 AM and the other two are in the evening, one is from 5-7 and at 8-10 (Online Batch) PM. Therefore, one can opt for any batch as per their time convenience. Note: There are possibilities of having more batches for the digital marketing course.

If you are a freelancer and keen to have more assignments in today's most demanding job market, then this course is for you to fulfill your aspirations. We prepare you to tackle every freelance challenge and grab new opportunities.

If you are a student or fresher pass out looking for job opportunities, then this course is for you to become a valuable resource for a company and acquire the skills required by the market.

Suppose you are a new startup with amazing business ideas but with a limited budget to grab the eyeballs. In that case, this course teaches you to learn the art of digital smartness and implement it to amplify brand awareness by generating the right leads and sales conversions within a limited budget.

Yes! We provide specially designed training material and freebies in soft format after each module completion and assignment. And also, give access to the drive where you will find training videos and links to all of the materials used to develop the course.

As per Payscale, the starting average salary of a digital marketing specialist is around Rs.2,00,000 - 2,70,000 per annum.

Yes, Of course. More and more companies are looking for people who have experience in traditional marketing and have digital marketing knowledge.

No. You cannot become an expert in a couple of months. The course will give you strong fundamentals to build your expertise. But our courses will reduce the time for you to become an expert.

The topics would be the same, more or less. The major difference we think we have is Our trainer's knowledge and experience of digital marketing and delivery method. Our expert trainers have mentored many students and given fulfilling careers to each of them. Another difference we see is; The way we have structured the course with all required content, videos, templates, checklists, assignments, and live experience.

Apart from this we are an on filed marketing institute that allows our students to work on live projects,, which gives them the knowledge of current digital marketing techniques and tools.

Digital Marketing has many different career specialization fields. Every field has its unique features. Your designation will depend on the field you have opted for, like SEO Optimizer or Social Media Marketer or PPC Expert, content writer, etc.

There are many different job opportunities to work in digital marketing. Some of the important and demanding fields are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Content writing and marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  6. Paid Marketing or PPC
  7. Video Marketing, etc.

There is no specific qualification required for the Digital Marketing course. But, 12th pass or graduation is considered the minimum qualification for the candidates who want to make their career in Digital Marketing.

The online classes will be live interactive sessions, recorded and later provided to their students as backup classes. Hence, if a student has any difficulty in any topic, they can watch the live recorded classes to clear their doubts at their own pace.

Yes, the students will access all the live interactive class recordings.

This is not a PG or a Diploma course. Digital marketing is a 4-month short-term certification course that builds your digital skills. Hence, to join this course, one does not require any prior graduation degree or any entrance exam.

Student’s Reviews of AE Training

Don’t take our words, read the views of our students

Being a Foodie gives you a lot of money, Sounds Funny, Right? Well, That’s my life, I Eat, I Record, I Promote, I Earn, Thank you for everything AE.

client of digital marketing
Shubhashish Rai

Becoming a Restaurant Owner doesn’t give you Guests but learning digital Marketing and promoting it does. Thank you, AE

client digital marketing course

Bhavika Tiwari

Freedom is the only thing, I can’t compromise, Thank you AE for teaching me Marketing Skills, which gave me that option to work and earn as a Freelancer.

expert digital marketer
Chetan Mawar

First I was confused about which institute to join for Digital Marketing as there are hundreds of options online then I found Advertise Empire Training program, They were able to clear all my doubts before joining and after completing the course I am confident enough about my marketing skills.

digital marketing trainer

Dhananjay Rajawat

AE training helped me to upgrade my skills special thing about their module is they give real-life examples more instead of just theoretical knowledge So that we can relate and understand easily.

digital marketing expert

Harshita Jain

I Thought technical knowledge and English fluency is a must for this training but you do not need to worry just basic computer knowledge and English is necessary to learn the program and our trainer was very cooperative and understandable I highly recommend this program for everyone It changed my perspective about online marketing.

digital marketing counsellor

Kanishk Sharma

Advertise Empire